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George Beard is one of the two main protagonists (alongside Harold) of Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie. He is voiced by Kevin Hart. He is Harold Hutchins's best friend.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Movie Description

George is the author responsible for bringing The Amazing Captain Underpants dialogue to the page. His job is to write the adventures that he and his best friend Harold dream up.


George Beard & Harold Hutchins are best friends who spend their days creating comic books & dreaming up pranks. One day they accidentally hypnotize their school principal into believing that he is Captain Underpants, a dimwitted superhero whose costume consists of underwear & a cape. As if this isn’t bad enough, their newest teacher is a disgraced evil scientist bent on exacting his revenge at their school. George, Harold, & Captain Underpants must band together to thwart his evil agenda.

General Information


George Beard is a class clown & loves to pull pranks. However, George is more bold than Harold & usually comes up with their prank ideas. Ironically, George is a bit more cautious than Harold when it comes to fighting monsters. Despite his pranking nature, most of George's actions are generally targeted towards adult cruelty, such as his teachers. His other hobbies are skateboarding, watching TV, & making comic books with Harold, which he writes the comics for. He is also very nerdy.

Physical Appearance

George is a black African-American 9 & 3/4 year old, who has a short, crew cut hairstyle. His outfit consists of a white collar T-shirt with a red & orange striped tie, black colored shorts, & a pair of black converse sneakers. He also wears a red button-up hawaiian shirt with a white floral print & has a pair of orange & red shutter sunglasses. Like most of the human characters, he has black eyes.


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  • George's favorite food is chocolate.
  • He and Harold both have ADHD.
  • George is described as "the boy on the left with the tie & the flat top".