Gil's All-Fright Diner is a film planned for May 8, 2013. This movie gives references to the Pixar films Ratatouille and Toy Story 3, and has some actors that were in Pixar films.


Gil (Jordan Purit) a local owner of a diner was serving the best food but one day she served scary food (people ran away)

Now it's up to Gil to stop the menace who's making scary food named Maxi-3000 (Conrad Vernon) with his henchmen John 10000 (Aron Warner) with the help of RJ Jr (Rainn Wilson) and Plaine Jane (Cyndra Trent)


Jordan Purit as Gil McTwisp

Conrad Vernon as Maxi 3000

Aron Warner as John 10000

Cyndra Trent as Plaine Jane

Rainn Wilson as RJ Jr

Jeff Garlin as Baron Von Shush (AKA Von Baron)

Mickie McGowan as Mama Jane

David Morrissey as Papa Jane

Ruperett Everett as Skinner

Debi Derryberry as the Diner Receptonist

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