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|home = Her house
|home = Her house
|friends =
|friends =
|age = 47
|enemies = [[RJ]], [[Verne]], [[Hammy]], [[Stella]], [[Ozzie]], [[Heather]], [[Lou]], [[Penny]], [[Bucky, Spike and Quillo]], [[Vincent]]
|enemies = [[RJ]], [[Verne]], [[Hammy]], [[Stella]], [[Ozzie]], [[Heather]], [[Lou]], [[Penny]], [[Bucky, Spike and Quillo]], [[Vincent]]
|likes = Killing animals, her house, manipulating the people
|likes = Killing animals, her house, manipulating the people

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Gladys Sharp is the former president of the Home Owners Association Tiger's former owner in Over the Hedge. She served as the main antagonist


In Over the Hedge

Gladys appears to lie to her people so she can ridd the animals and build more.

She later sees a dead animal (Heather), and calls the verminator in order to check if the animal is alive or dead, while lying to the citizens he is dead so they will let her kill Heather.

When the verminator finds out the truth, all the animals are gone.

She later appears running away from Vern and RJ as her car explodes.

In order to build more, she orders Dwayne to install the delpter turbo in the city in order to destroy the whole forest and build more.

She also brings the food into a safe place, so the animals won't survive.

When she sees the animals succeeding to steal from her some food, she gets mad and takes a broom stick, but Stella stinks the place. The verminator then appears as he is back to work and captures the animals for Gladys.

She then appears leaving the animals in cages so she can put them into a truck and send them to be killed by the verminator, but her plans get foiled when Hammy uses the delpter turbo on humans. She then is arrested for her crimes.

Over the Hedge Burnt Gladys

A burnt Gladys resisting arrest


Coming Soon...


Coming soon!


  • She is similar to Cruella De Vil from One Hundred and One Dalmatians: Both are animal haters and they later get arrested. She is also similar to Vanessa from the Little Mermaid in that they are both feminists and get attacked by animals.
  • She had a string of bad luck as she had her food stolen multiple times, had her car blown up, had her house destroyed, got stung by the Depelter Turbo, and got arrested at the end of the movie.
  • Her car is based on a 2nd generation Lincoln Navigator


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