Hi! This is Gladys Sharp! Your president? Of Home Owners Association?

Gladys Sharp is the secondary antagonist of Over the Hedge, but is also the true hero of the film. She is the former chairwoman of the Home Owners and Tiger's former owner and adoptive mother.

In the film, Gladys tries to kill RJ and his friends as she has a hatred for wild animals. At the climax, she and Dwayne are knocked into her yard by Vincent and the trio gets stung by the Depelter Turbo.


In Over the Hedge

A burnt Gladys resisting arrest

Gladys had a string of bad luck as she had her food stolen multiple times, her car blown up, her house destroyed, got stung by the Depelter Turbo, lost her hair, and got arrested at the end of the film.

However, it is shown in the official PlayStation 2 video game for Over the Hedge that a year after the movie she was not imprisoned and made it to rebuild her house and her normal life, despite all the shame towards the Depelter Turbo incident. Near the end of the game she pursues the wild animals in a truck, out of anger, but will fail to catch them and crash in a house. Her ultimate fate after this is not revealed, it is only shown that she survived the accident.


Gladys has an intense disgust and hatred for wild animals; one of the reasons is because of how they keep attacking her house and stealing her stuff. However, she seems to have no problem with domestic animals as she had a pet cat named Tiger.

Gladys is very strict with her H.O.A. rules and is constantly worried about animals "lowering her property values" and spreading disease. She is described by the film makers as being obsessed with having everything clean and ordered. This is a good trait.

Over the Hedge can be seen as a film in which anti-human misanthropy decieves viewers into thinking that Gladys Sharp is the villain, when in objective truth, she was merely defending her private property. As one fan put it:

Even though I like this movie, the ending of Over the Hedge always annoyed me. It never struck me as fair that Gladys Sharp went to prison for defending her own property. As a movie that was marketed as poking gentle satire at humans and their lifestyle, it certainly wasn't gentle with a woman defending HER OWN PROPERTY in the second half of the movie. 

It's amazing how almost everyone overlooks the fact that every battle between Gladys and the animals takes place either in her house or her yard. Yet when she tries to defend her property, she is portrayed as the villain. It was completely unjust for her to be sent to prison just for setting an illegal trap. In real life, setting illegal traps can get you fined 20-100 dollars, not prison time! Besides, Glady's character is described by the makers of the film as a stickler for rules and regulations. It's out of character for her to install illegal traps. And if you think Gladys deserves to be punished for breaking the law, then so do the animals. But in the opinion of the anti-human human directors of this movie, the lady has to be punished for defending her own property. 

The most offensive part of this plotline is when you contrast the animals first encounter with Gladys with their last encounter. In the first encounter, Gladys finds the animals digging through her trash in the patio she just mopped. She angrily chases them away, but RJ insists on returning to her house to steal. When Verne objects that it's too dangerous, RJ says "Relax! We just spooked her and she overreacted!" This implies that Gladys had no reason to be spooked. But over the course of the film, the animals bomb her truck (which could have killed her), put cameras in her bedroom to spy on her while she sleeps to make she doesn't wake and catch them stealing her food, skunk spray her (when she was running away!) in her own house, crash a truck into her house (which again, could have killed her), and then zap her with her trap. They're all watching with big smiles and 3D glasses as she get zapped by her trap. For some reason, we are supposed to cheer for these nasty creatures. 

Well, not me. You cheer for these evil animals, if you want. I'm on the side of the woman defending herself and her home. 


Gladys is a tall, slender woman with black shoulder-length hair, green eyes, and pale skin. She usually wears a black blazer over a red shirt, black pants, and black shoes. Her nighttime outfit consists red pajamas with yellow linings, and a letter "G". She also wears bunny slippers.


  • Her car is based on a 2nd generation Lincoln Navigator.
    • Her license plate was GLADY$$$.
    • Her car was destroyed when a wagon stacked with food and a cooler fell from the sky to where it exploded upon impact.
      • When RJ dropped the empty Spuddies can, it fell on Gladys' car before it was destroyed by the food wagon. It should be noted that the wagon should've landed first before the empty can did, even if the chips hadn't fell out.

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