Gladys Sharp is the secondary antagonist of Over the Hedge. She is the former president of Home Owners Association and Tiger's former owner.

She has a personal hatred against wild animals, especially RJ and the gang.

At the end of the movie, Gladys gets burnt by the Depelter Turbo (along with Vincent and Dwayne) and arrested by the cops for using illegal traps, only to put up a fight with one of the officers.


In Over the Hedge

Over the Hedge Burnt Gladys

A burnt Gladys resisting arrest

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Sharp is many times thought of to be evil or a villain, but is that fair? She was only defending her private property from animals who were STEALIONG from her. She has the right to do that. Plus, she is HOT.


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  • Gladys was confused to be the movie's main antagonist.


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