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“Gluphosaurs (episode)”
Season 2, Episode 8
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"The Racetrack"

"Gluphosaurs" is the eighteenth episode of Dinotrux.


After Skrap-It has a run in with some Gluphosaurs, D-Structs is inspired and steals some of their Ore, planting it near The Garage. The trick results in the glue-spitting Dinotrux attacking Ty and his friends, with Ty and Garby ending up glued together at the treads. After a number of failed attempts to separate them, Revvit discovers that salt can dissolve the glue, prompting the group to head out to the Salt Flats. Unfortunately, Skrap-It overhears this and informs D-Structs, who blocks the most direct route to the flats and forces the Trux to head directly into Gluphosaur territory.

The plot sees Skya, Dozer, and Ton-Ton glued to Ty and Garby as well, and all five end up stranded on an unstable rock pillar after D-Structs attempts to eliminate them. Revvit, determined to help, approaches the Gluphosaurs and earns their trust by repairing one named Stix, and then informs them who actually stole their ore. Working together, the Gluphosaurs and Revvit are able to save the Dinotrux, and then put their glue to use repairing a persistent parts problem of Ton-Ton's. They then pay a visit to the Fortress of Fear to pay D-Structs back for his trickery.