This article is about the character; for the episode, see Goldtrux (episode).

Goldtrux (voiced by Michael Daingerfield in US and Paul Panting in UK) is a gold-obsessed Stegarbasaurus in Dinotrux.


Goldtrux first appears in the episode of the same name, in which it is revealed that he was once a friend of Garby. However, things changed after Goldtrux inadvertently discovered and ingested gold, which affected his mind and led to an obsession with the precious metal. This led to him forcing tools, particularly Slamtools and Junktools, to mine gold and fashion it into new parts for himself. He eventually captures Smash-It and Break-It and forces them to serve as security for his operation.

After seeing Waldo in action with his new multi-tool, Goldtrux approaches the Reptool while he's alone and tricks him into coming along with him. He then captures Waldo and takes him into his subterranean lair, where Waldo is put to work with his other slaves. Ty Rux and Revvit later come to Waldo's aid, but Goldtrux is able to trap Ty after Waldo jeopardizes their escape by going back for his dropped tool. However, Waldo later uses glass prisms to redirect sunlight and amplify its heat into Goldtrux's cave, enabling him to melt the gold and enable Ty's escape, much to to the horror and frustration of Goldtrux.


Though once an kindly Stegarbasaurus, Goldtrux has become completely obsessed with gold and values possession of it over everything else. This is shown by his willingness to enslave various tools to acquire it, and even to cover Ty in the substance merely to create a new ornament for his home.

Abilities and Traits

Goldtrux possesses the abilities of standard Stegarbasaurs, though at least some of his plates have cables attached to enable him to catch hold of tools, enemies, or objects and pull them towards himself. Many of his parts have been replaced with gold versions of the original components, which apparently amplifies his resistance to damage and makes him more formidable in battle.

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