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“Goldtrux (episode)”
Season 7, Episode 3
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"Doom Run"

"Goldtrux" is the sixty-second episode of Dinotrux and the third episode of season seven, also known as Dinotrux Supercharged.

In a storm, Smash-itt and Break-itt are trying to find D-Structs only to be snatched by a truck with a cable-attached gold plate. Meanwhile, the truck are cleaning up the mess after the storm, and Waldo uses his "multi-tool" to fix the shelves, but refuses to let the other tools try it. The gang finds Garby looking at his reflection in a glass-like rock, which gives them the idea to cover the look holes so the storm won't mess up the garage. Waldo goes to the lava forge to forge some frames, and is pursued by a stegarbasaur covered in gold. Interested in his miraculous device, he convinces Waldo that a truck needs help, and he goes with him. However, at the destination the stegarbasaur reveals his real plan and kidnaps Waldo with one of his plates. Back at the lava forge, the truck notices gold on the ground, and Garby realizes that Waldo has been kidnapped by Goldtrux, once a friend of his, but became obsessed when he consumed gold, which forced him to gather junktools and slamtools to make new golden parts to make him stronger. In Goldtrux's lair, Waldo is put to work with the other tools slaves to make golden tread claws. When the truck find his lair underground, they truck Ty with special parts to help him save Waldo. As Waldo attempts to escape with the tools, he's stopped by Break-itt and Smash-itt and put back to work. Once he finishes putting on the golden claws for Goldtrux, Ty and Revvit come to his aid, but Ty get trapped in a golden prison when Waldo jeopardizes their escape by going back for his multi-tool. Realizing his mistake, he and the others build glass prisms to direct the sunlight and melt the golden door. As Ty and Waldo escape, the rest of the gold melts, which terrifies Goldtrux. Waldo apologizes to Ty for getting him trapped and finally allows the other tools to try out the multi-tool, so he won't be obsessed like he was before, or like Goldtrux with his gold.





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