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Victor Johnson (also known as Goon Leader) is the secondary antagonist of the movie Abominable. The goon leader secretly works for Dr. Zara, despite being under the employment of Mr. Burnish.


The goon leader is shown to be very ruthless, greedy, and highly determined. However, he does have a fear of being punished as when it comes to failing to capture Everest. Although the goon leader worked for Mr. Burnish, he was not completely loyal to him and instead was loyal to Dr. Zara as they both to make a profit out of Everest through research. However, the goon leader does have some morals as when it comes to capturing Everest alive, but his greed allowed him to still follow Dr. Zara's orders.



  • The goon leader is voiced by Rich Dietl.
  • The goon leader's real name is never mentioned in the movie.
  • The goon leader is more ruthless than his minions who are absent-minded and a bit clumsy.
  • According to Burnish, the goon leader used to work at a shopping mall.