Commander K-trong, also known as The Gorg, is the (former) tertiary antagonist of the 2015 film, Home. He is the leader of the Gorg.



Gorg Commander was mentioned earlier on the film, but first seen in a flashback with Captain Smek escaping from him and stealing the egg.

Gorg Commander appears later on seeing the invitation that Oh sent and starts to destroy Boov until one of his mini ships were controlled by a microchip that controls it so Oh decides to use to stop Gorg Commander, but Gorg Commander starts to break earth apart but Oh shows him the egg which made him stop, coming out of his mothership and showing his true good nature, and revealing that he is actually a small starfish-like alien.

Apparently, the Gorg did not come to Earth because of Oh's invitation, but it was because of the egg itself, as it apparently had a homing beacon in which he tracked and followed the Boovs with. While all this time, he wanted the egg that Smek stole from him. It turns out he was the last Gorg in his species, near the end he starts dancing with his children, as well as attend Oh's party on Earth, which he would have if the invitation had reached him.



  • In the book, "Gorg" is a nickname for Nimrogs, and each is a clone. They are allergic to cats, extremely violent, and there was no next generation. We also didn't learn about them until they actually came. They left when Pig gave them all an allergic reaction.
  • It is unknown how his race was killed or died out, and why he was the only survivor.
  • It is possible that The Gorg is a parody of The Borg from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • The name of The Gorg most likely comes from the Gorgs from the Jim Henson Muppet TV show "Fraggle Rock".
  • He speaks another language which Oh can communicate in as well.
  • The Gorg Commander was originally scheduled as the main antagonist.

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