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There toy characters that are in the DreamWorks and Universal movie Small Soldiers. 

The Gorgonites are the enemies of The Commando Elite. They were designed by Irwin Wayfair and were originally intended to be educational toys. However, after Heartland Playsystems was acquired by Global Tech. Industries, the arrogant CEO Gil Mars decided that the Gorgonites would instead form the the enemies of the Commando Elite. Wayfairs partner Larry Benson chooses to forgoe safety testing, and installs the Gorgonites with the same X-1000 chips that were used for the the Commandos. The Gorgonites were mainly programmed to either hide and inevitably lose to The Commando Elite. Whenever a Gorgonite notices a Commando, it’s main objective is to hide and try not to get disassembled. The Gorgonites are nothing like the Commandos. They are peaceful creatures. Their only other major goal is to locate their homeworld; Gorgon, which at the end of the film they believe to be Yosemite National Park

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