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A Great White Shark in real life

The Great White Sharks are one of the supporting antagonists of Shark Tale. They are Lino's former henchmen and current helpers.


In Shark Tale

The great white sharks first appear inside the restaurant of the Titanic, chatting to each other and dining; while some of them played classical music at a corner of the stage where Karaoke is performed. However, everything was stopped when Don Lino failed to show Lenny how to eat fish, and the sharks just watched in disbelief as the younger shark released the food out the window. During Frankie's funeral, every one of the great whites were seen weeping and mourning the loss of a member. After Don Feinberg finished singing Frankie's favorite song, they honored their boss' oldest son by raising their cocktail glasses

In Club Oscar

The sharks reappear in the short, dancing with Lino and the other fishes.


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The sharks are very muscular and slender. They have brown green, and blue eyes, but in real life Great white sharks have dark to black eyes.


  • It is currently unknown who voices the sharks.
  • In real life, sharks have dark to black eyes.


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