Grug Crood is the main protagonist of The Croods.


Role in the film

Grug is the overprotective father of the family who dislikes the outside world. But when his home is destroyed, he embarks to find a new home for his family. He also has to deal with his family and especially his older daughter Eep from falling for Guy.



  • Grug's overprotective behavior had caused him to be an antagonist but, he was not meant to be a villain and not even close to being an anti-hero.
  • Grug's inspiration is Marlin who was the protagonist of Disney and Pixar's Finding Nemo and he is also similar to Fred Flintstone.
  • Grug likes to tell stories about Krispy Bear.
  • Grug is also the name of a series of story books called Grug.
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