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Not to be confused with Grumpy.

Grump is a Hotburple, and is Gobber's dragon in How To Train Your Dragon 2.


Grump greatly resembles a Gronckle, but he is larger in size and has larger wings, and his eyes are positioned closer to his snout than to his ears. He is rather unintelligent looking and lazy.

Personality and Behavior

If Grump could be desribed as a person, it would be a wine drunk bitch (specifically Hannah Lewis) on the couch eating ice cream with a fork.

Skills and Abilities

Grump has much the same abilities and skills as a Gronckle.

Tail Whack: Grump is shown to be able to fly low and knock people over with his lumpy tail. He is very talented at this, as he can do it while he's asleep, airborne, and carrying Gobber at the same time.


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  • The bludgeon on the tip of his tail and Gobber's new, mace-like, hammer-shaped, artificial arm strongly resemble each other.
  • He seems to take Gobber's commands slowly.

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