Guy Diamond is one of the few naked trolls and is a supporting character from Trolls. He is voiced by Kunal Nayyar.



Guy Diamond is a party on two feet who, like most of the other trolls, is an optimistic, fun-loving individual who loves nothing more than to sing, dance and hug. He is very confident in himself and his friends.


Guy Diamond is one of the 'glitter trolls', with a sparkly, pale white-blue skin, pale white hair and a large green nose. He has blue eyes and thick eyebrows. He doesn't wear any clothes. He wears a green hug-time bracelet that blooms into a green flower when it's hug time. A few teeth stick out when he makes a certain face, like the one in the picture here.


  • He seems to have an autotone-like voice, as he is able to change his voice's pitch at will.
  • He frequently participates in dance-offs with Moxie Dewdrop.
  • Like the other glitter trolls, he is able to fart glitter.


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