Happy Humans Town

Happy Humans Town

Happy Humans Town is an area in Australia (from the 2015 movie Home) where Humans are temporarily relocated by the Boov.

When the Boov "move" to the planet Earth, they switched off the planet's gravity so they could easily gather Earth's humans and relocate them to the "town" that they build for them; so the rest of Earth and their "former houses" could be theirs.

It is filled with many small, bright, colorful houses with palm trees next to them (since there are house for ever single human on earth, the Boov separated the builds into many "round" patches or arias), a fun fair for "human children" and "ask the Boov" stand so the town's humans could ask the Boov that makes sure that their "happy" a question. It may be called "Happy Humans town", but the humans living weren't "happy" as they had their homes and planet taken away from them. The one thing that made them happy in that town, is when the Boov were leaving the planet so they so "run away" from the Gorg, again.

Tip Tucci was the only human on earth not to be brought there, while her mother and the rest of the humans in their home city were; the cat, Pig sitting on Tip's head when the near Boov scanned her is the reason why they left her behind. They only scanned Pig and thought that "she" wasn't human.

When Tip, Pig and their Boov friend, Oh had found out where the town is, they made their way to it, so Tip could find her mother. What happened to the town after the Boov had given Earth back and started to share it with the humans is unknown.


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