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Heather is a protagonist of Over the Hedge. She is Ozzie's teenage daughter and Evan's sister.


She is a Virginia Opossum (Didelphis Virginia), a Marsupial and has blue eyes.


She seems a bit annoyed at her dad's dramatic behavior. She may like RJ.

Role in the film

When Heather and animals are scared, as the development had been built during their hibernation and they fear they will be unable to forage for food in the small clearing. RJ shows them the amount of food humans consume and waste and suggests they forage from the humans. Verne is hesitant, but the other animals agree. They make bold attempts to steal food directly from the humans, with RJ secretly guiding them to help collect the food he needs to replace Vincent's stash.

When the animals raid the trash cans of the homeowners association chairwoman Gladys Sharp, she calls an animal exterminator named Dwayne LaFontant, who offers to install in her backyard an illegal, lethal trap called the "Depelter Turbo". Verne sees this and tries to warn the others, but RJ insists they will be okay.

After a brief argument, RJ and Verne make up, and RJ rallies the others to raid Gladys' home directly on the night before a large party. With Stella disguised as a cat to distract Gladys' own cat, Tiger, the others enter Gladys' home and collect all the food. Unfortunately, RJ inadvertently reveals his duplicity to the animals; near the end of the film, she uses this to trick humans, even Ozzie, into thinking she was dead. Just as they are discovered by Gladys, who calls Dwayne, RJ escapes with the food for Vincent but leaves the other animals to be captured by Dwayne.

She and the animals get free, and Spike, Bucky, and Quillo use skills they learned from a videogame to drive the truck back to the development. RJ pleads to be let in the truck as Vincent tries to catch him, but the others, angry at his betrayal, refuse. Finally, Verne convinces the group to forgive RJ since he came back to save them. They return the truck to the development, crashing through Gladys' home, and the animals flee into the hedge. Gladys and Dwayne converge on the animals from one side with a String trimmer and a Cattle prod, respectively, while Vincent tries to swipe at them from the other.


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  • It's unknown if Heather has a mother but, most likely she lives with her dad (Ozzie).
  • She is about 16.
  • It is unknown who her mother was.