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Hector is one of the lemurs and reccuring character in the DreamWorksNetflix's series, All Hail King Julien.


According to Maurice, Hector hates everybody and everything. He is also a bit odd. For example, when Clover asked if he didn't want to see King Julien to help him solve his problems, he replies to her that he likes his problems. According to Xixi, he has a very large family. Despite his bitterness, he does admit that King Julien is doing a better job than the previous kings. Hector also adds that he thinks that it is not a great accomplishment as he thinks the previous kings were much more incompetent than Julien was.

In the episode "Poll Position", Hector was basically the only one who did not love Julien. After Julien knocked down Hector's masterpiece, his support went down by unhappiness of Hector's big family. In another appearance, Hector joined Abner and Becca in using catapults to "relocate" everyone from the kingdom whom they did not like, this soon caused the kingdom to lose most of its populace.

In the episode "That Sinking Feeling" He was chosen to become a sacrifice to Judy the Goddess of Seafood, but was replaced by Mort, instead. In Season 5, he is revealed to be the Minister in charge of Mangoes, a post he fulfilled for a long time successfully protecting his charge from the fruit flies by a flyswatter he is really attached to. In the election battles between Maurice and Mort he is forced to abandon his post, leading to a crisis with the flies abducting everyone, but at the end he is restored to it again. Despite his grumpiness, Hector has a strong sense of logic and is often the only character to see how ridiculous a situation is. His catchphrase is declaring "Bunch of ding-dongs" whenever people do something stupid.



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