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Horst is one of the lemurs and reccuring character in the DreamWorksNetflix's series, All Hail King Julien.


As said by Clover in the episode "My Fair Foosa", not much is known about him. Kind of a loner, fears change, and is always seen holding a beverage in a coconut shell. It was also revealed in the same episode that he was married to the fossa named Mary Ann but she mauled him twice because of his snoring.

He later makes his appearance in "True Bromance" when he is hired to replace Maurice as King Julien's "rebound advisor", But Julien rejects him, thinking that he is Mort in disguise. He appears in "Are You There Frank? It's Me, King Julien" where he joins the angry mob to hunt down King Julien and sacrifice him to Larry the Volcano God to obey Frank the Sky God (which was actually Karl in disguise, who was tricking them into sacrificing their own king so Karl can get rid of Julien himself), Fortunately, with the help of Timo, Julien and Mort create their own "Larry the Volcano God" suit so they can save Maurice and Clover from being sacrificed, instead. In "O Captain My Captain, Part 2" He also participates in the angry mob to kill Ted so they can save the kingdom, until Julien, Clover and Mort arrive, with Captain Ethan's crew hot on their heels.

In "The King and Mrs. Mort", When their boat gets stranded in the middle of the ocean, Horst and the others prepare to kill Willie who is mistaken as "cursed" to save themselves from perishing. It is revealed in 'King Julien Superstar' that he is also known as DJ Glitter-Bunz. He usually interrupts whatever he is saying by taking a long sip from his beverage through a straw before finishing the sentence, annoying others. In Exiled, He was one of the lemurs to be captured by Koto. When Julien, Karl, Uncle King Julien, Ted, Sage, Mary-Ann and Horst are about to be killed, he and Mary Ann reconcile and get back together once again. In Season 5, he is shown to be having a picnic with Mary Ann, still loving her despite her hard to suppress urges to eat him. When the other foosa rebel and tie the two to a tree, Horst reveals that due to the many scarring he received while romancing Mary Ann, he can contort and mangle his body to escape his bonds, impressing Mary Ann, who declares her love for him before leaving to restore order amongst the fossa.



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