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How to Train Your Dragon 2 Soundtrack was composed and produced by John Powell for the film How to Train Your Dragon 2.


Composer John Powell, who earned his first Academy Award nomination for his music in the original movie, returned to score the sequel. Powell described the project "a maturation story" and stated that he tried to achieve the same maturation in the structure of his music by developing further every aspect of his compositions from the original film.

Recording took place during April 2014 at Abbey Road Studios in London with a 120 piece orchestra, a 100-voice choir, and a wide array of ethnic instruments, including celtic harp, uilleann pipes, tin whistle, bodhrán, and bagpipes; the latter of which were performed by pipers from the Scottish group The Red Hot Chilli Pipers. The ensemble was conducted by the composer's usual collaborator Gavin Greenaway.

Sigur Rós lead vocalist, Jónsi, who wrote and performed the song "Sticks & Stones" for the original movie, provided two new original songs for the sequel in collaboration with Powell. Belarusian-Norwegian artist Alexander Rybak, who voices Hiccup in Norwegian, also wrote and performed the song "Into A Fantasy". The latter song is featured only in the European versions of the film.

A soundtrack album for the film was released on June 17, 2014 by Relativity Music Group. The album features over an hour of score by Powell, as well as the two original songs written by Powell and Jónsi. Rybak's song, "Into a Fantasy", was released separately as a single.


No. Name                                                             Length
1 Dragon Racing 4:34
2 Together We Map the World 2:19
3 Hiccup the Chief/Drago's Coming 4:44
4 Toothless Lost 3:28
5 Should I Know You? 1:56
6 Valka's Dragon Sanctuary 3:19
7 Losing Mom / Meet the Good Alpha 3:24
8 Meet Drago 4:26
9 Stoick Finds Beauty 2:33
10 Flying with Mother 2:49
11 For The Dancing And The Dreaming (performed by Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, and Mary Jane Wells) 3:06
12 Battle of the Bewilderbeast 6:26
13 Hiccup Confronts Drago 4:06

Stoick Saves Hiccup

15 Stoick's Ship 3:48
16 Alpha Comes to Berk 2:20

Toothless Found

18 Two New Alphas 6:06
19 Where No One Goes (performed by Jónsi) 2:44

Extended Soundtrack[]

No. Name                                                             Length
20 Into A Fantasy (performed by Alexander Rybak)


21 Dragon Racing (Film Version)


22 Hiccup Rescues Stormfly


23 Attacking Eret


24 War is What He Wants, Son!


25 Astrid Captures Eret


26 Hiccup and Valka


27 Escape from Drago


28 The Ride of the Hatchlings



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