How to Train Your Dragon Soundtrack was composed and produced by John Powell for the How to Train Your Dragon. The soundtrack won Film Score of the Year and Best Original Score for an Animated Feature in the IFMCA, an Annie Award for Best Music in an Animated Feature Production, as well as many other nominations in the Academy Awards, the BAFTA, the Saturn Awards, and the World Soundtrack Academy.


The soundtrack has a slight Celtic influence that Powell uses throughout the soundtrack, as shown when the bagpipes are played in The Downed Dragon and when the pennywhistle is played in Test Drive. The soundtrack is very orchestral, featuring strong brass, wind, percussion, and string sections. However, Forbidden Friendship stands out from the soundtrack, since it primarily features a xylophone and a harp with a few woodwinds until the last section and final scene, which features strings, percussion, and vocals.


No. Name Length
1 This is Berk 4:12
2 Dragon Battle 1:55
3 The Downed Dragon 4:16
4 Dragon Training 3:10
5 Wounded 1:25
6 The Dragon Book 2:22
7 Focus, Hiccup! 2:05
8 Forbidden Friendship 4:10
9 New Tail 2:47
10 See You Tomorrow 3:52
11 Test Drive 2:35
12 Not So Fireproof 1:11
13 This Time For Sure 0:47
14 Astrid Goes For a Spin 0:45
15 Romantic Flight 1:55
16 Dragons' Den 2:28
17 The Cove 1:10
18 The Kill Ring 4:27
19 Ready the Ships 5:13
20 Battling the Green Death 6:18
21 Counter Attack 3:02
22 Where's Hiccup? 2:43
23 Coming Back Around 2:49
24 Sticks and Stones performed by Jónsi 4:08
25 The Vikings Have Their Tea 2:04

Critical Reception

The How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack received persistently exceptional reviews from music critics.

Critic Reception
Film Music Magazine A
Film Score Click Track 5 stars
Filmtracks 5 stars
MovieCues 5 stars
Movie Music UK 5 stars
ScoreNotes 8.5/10
Soundtrack Geek 10/10
Tracksounds 10/10

Expanded Soundtrack

No. Name Length
1 Did anybody see that 1:24
2 War room 0:43
3 Hiccup comes home 0:21
4 Offering 0:50
5 Team worrk 0:46
6 Charming the zippleback 0:25
7 Astrid finds toothless 0:36
8 You're not a viking 1:32
9 Relax / Stroke hell 2:07
10 Where's hiccup ?(alternative) 2:51

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