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Imelda, also referred to as Mama Imelda, is a minor character in the DreamWorks film, Puss in Boots. She is the adoptive mother of Puss in Boots and Humpty Alexander Dumpty.


Imelda adopts Puss and Humpty, along with a few other orphans. Despite Puss and Humpty's thieving, she always loved them and proudly gave Puss his boots when he saved the Commandante's Mother from a bull. However, she was heartbroken when she saw Puss with Humpty, incorrectly believing Puss had returned to his thieving ways.


Puss describes her as an Angel of Kindness (most of the time) as she always welcomes all the orphans she finds in front of her door and takes care of them as if they were her own children. She is always loving to all of them, even though she sometimes has to scream to get their attention and resolve some conflicts. She hadn't really taken it out on Puss and Humpty when they started being thugs and stealing, but she didn't even like him, and she told them they were better than that, always wanting the best for them.

After Puss is billed as a hero and tricked by Humpty into being her getaway driver, she is heartbroken to see that Puss has apparently returned to shoplifting.

When Puss returned to San Ricardo for trouble, Imelda begged him not to fight and face the past, begging them to stop breaking their hearts. However, after St Richard's rescue from The Terror, Imelda realized how much Puss had changed and she forgave him and was proud of him.


Puss in Boots[]

Puss tells Kitty his past story, when he was a kitten arrived in a basket in San Ricardo, in front of the orphanage, Imelda found him and took him as his own. She was trying to get the kids attention and raised her voice, and introduced them to Puss who just meowed. When Puss started stealing with Humpty, she wasn't happy, but she wasn't disappointed either, telling them "she believed in them with all her heart". After the Puss is billed as a hero and tricked by Humpty into being his getaway driver, she is heartbroken to see that the Puss has returned to stealing after the Puss returns home, she she begged him to surrender. Towards the end, Puss saves her when she tries to save a little lamb and happily watches her son sort her out. When Puss comes to her in person to apologize for what happened years ago, she lovingly forgives him and the two embrace, showing how much she loves Puss and always has and always will.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish[]

When Puss' lives flash before his eyes, he remembers the moment he received his boots from Imelda. She appears again in the same flashback before Puss' final fight with Death. Her outfit is different in the flashback, although she retains her more realistic features from the first Puss in Boots.



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