Season 5, Episode 1
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Original air date August 14, 2015
Dinotrux Episodes

"Imposters" is the forty-seventh episode of Dinotrux and the first episode of season five.


Following the events of "Bridge", Ty and his friends struggle to cope with the influx of new Dinotrux into The Crater. Meanwhile, D-Structs and his cohorts are frustrated, feeling that the increase in new Trux will prevent them from seizing control of the Crater since Ty and the others now have so many potential allies. However, after Skrap-It appears with a Revvit-like color scheme thanks to a Tortool, D-Structs is struck by inspiration. Getting another Tortool to paint him to resemble Ty, he tricks various Trux into traveling to different areas so that his teammates can leave them in peril, forcing Ty's group to split up in order to help them.

The scheme proves successful, as Blayde ensnares Dozer, Splitter strands Ton-Ton and another Ankylodump, and Pounder traps Skya; the three villains then join D-Structs in ambushing Ty at the bridge. Fortunately, his friends are able to escape their various entrapments and come to his aid, but Dozer is knocked from the bridge leaving the others helpless as they attempt to save him. Reinforcements arrive, but too late, as Ty and the others are pushed off the bridge and into the depths of the chasm. As D-Structs and his allies assert their dominance over the Crater, Ty and his friends are caught in a raging river that carries them out to see and to an unfamiliar spit of land.





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