Insectosaurus, or simply known as Insecto, is a character in Monsters vs. Aliens. He is the Missing Link's pet.


Insectosaurus was a one-inch grub transformed by radiation into a 350-foot monster that attacked Tokyo. He was captured in 1969 and formed a close bond with the Missing Link, who is the only person that can understand him.


Originally, Insectosaurus was nothing more than a simple grub with no unique characteristics, but after his mutation he donned an almost mammalian-like appearance similar to that of an orange hamster with a massive overbite, four pincer-like arms, antennas, two stubby feet, and a short reptilian-like tail.

Insectosaurus is a massive creature in size, even dwarfing the giant Ginormica. After his metamorphosis near the end of the film, Insectosaurus' appearance is changed to that of a more moth-like creature (similar to Mothra of Godzilla fame) while still possessing his hamster-like face, furry body, massive overbite and reptilian-like tail.

Beginning to Die

Monsters vs. Aliens

After trying to save Susan from Gallaxhar's tractor beam, he is blasted with Gallaxhar's laser and assumed dead. He later turns out to have only metamorphosized into a moth and saves the monsters right before Gallaxhar's ship explodes.


  • Insectosaurus is a parody of Japanese Toho Monsters and is inspired by Mothra from the 1961 film Mothra, who later appeared in Mothra vs. Godzilla.
  • Insectosaurus is a reference to the Godzilla films.
  • Insectosaurus has been ranked #36 on Empire's 50 Best Animated Characters.


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