Commander Iverson (Season One)

Commander Iverson from the Netflix TV series Voltron: Legendary Defender, is the gruff, no-nonsense head of the Galaxy Garrison training facility where all of the Paladins trained prior to the discovery of the Blue Lion. He is a tanned human with a short beard and seems to have one eye perpetually closed.


Iverson was involved in the coverup of the disappearance of Samuel and Matthew Holt and Takashi Shirogane on their mission to Kerberos, with the official Galaxy Garrison statement being that their craft was lost due to pilot error. Katie Holt refused to accept this explanation and broke into Iverson's office, where she learned that no evidence of a crash had been located on Kerberos. Infuriated at her actions, which amounted to treason in his eyes, Iverson had her escorted from the garrison and barred from ever returning. However, this led to Katie assuming the identity of Pidge and enrolling at the garrison as a cadet, with Iverson failing to see through her disguise despite her resemblance to her missing brother. He was also aware, if not directly involved, in the expulsion of Keith due to discipline issues.

Iverson later berated Pidge and her fellow cadets Lance and Hunk after a botched simulation, notably commenting on Lance's presence being possible only due to Keith's expulsion. He also continued to maintain that pilot error resulted in the losses of the Kerberos crew, which angered Pidge, though fortunately she was able to maintain her cover. Shortly thereafter, a Galra Empire escape pod landed near the garrison carrying Shiro, with Garrison forces being quick to travel to the sight. Shiro was subsequently liberated by the three cadets and Keith, and Iverson would later unknowingly watch as the five departed the planet in the Blue Lion.


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