Jack & Jill are the main antagonists in Puss in Boots. They are Puss in Boots' arch-enemies and Humpty Dumpty's former Henchmen.



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In Puss in Boots

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They are mean, short-tempered, greedy, conniving, nasty, and overall evil in nature. Jack is tired of thieving and wanted children. Jill is rude and inconsiderate when someone wants to stay in the hotel.


Jack has ginger hair and a short ginger beard. He wears a hat, a red shirt, and leather shoes. Jill has short brown hair and wears a long, filthy-looking blue dress.


  • Jack & Jill are constantly thought to be the secondary antagonists of the film and as Humpty Dumpty's former henchmen. This is not true as Jack & Jill had bigger plans and were never Humpty's henchmen, but rather only pretended to be.
  • Jack & Jill make an appearance in the non-canon Shrek 2 game.


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