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Jacob is the father of Joseph and his brothers. He is also the husband of Rachel.

Early Life 

Jacob marries Rachel and Leah, two sisters from Haran. Leah gives Jacob many children while Rachel was assumed to be barren. Finally Rachel had a son named Joseph.


Loving, Intellegent, Wise, and Strong and slik 

Role in film

In the film he is shown very loving but also protective of his younger sons. He is also very smart a he knows many languages including Egyptian. 



  • His wife Rachel is his first cousin. Her father Laban and his mother Rebecca were siblings.
  • His father was named Isaac. Isaac is famous for being nearly sacrificed by his father Abraham. It was God's test to see if Abraham feared Him enough to kill his own son.
  • He had a twin brother named Esau. Esau was born several seconds before Jacob. Esau was born covered with red hair and so his name Esau means Red. Jacob grabbed Esau's heel when he was born and so he was named Jacob which means "heel".
  • Just like his grandfather and father he can speak many languages.
  • God mentioned Him, his grandfather Abraham, and his father Isaac in the burning bush scene in The Prince of Egypt.
  • Jacob, his father Issac, and his grandfather Abraham, are the patriarchs of the Jewish people.
  • Jacob is buried in Hebron in the Cave of Machpelah (מערת המכפלה); also buried there are his father and mother Isaac and Rebekah, his first wife Leah, and his grandparents Abraham and Sarah; and according to Jewish tradition, the first man and the first woman, Adam and Eve, are also said to be buried there.
  • God renames him Israel after beating him in wrestling and blesses him.