The Jammy Dodger was Rita's former boat in Flushed Away.

Near the end of the film, it had to be sacrificed after Roddy and Rita's fight with Le Frog.


In Flushed Away

The Jammy Dodger was first named in the film when Peg Leg tells Roddy (when he was flushed down the toilet) that the captain knows that so Roddy can go back to Kensington.

So when Roddy got on board the boat, he is confronted by Rita (who is on the run from the toad's henchrats) she told him to be quiet. But Roddy pushes the horn on the boat and they were caught by the Toad.

After being chased, Roddy broke the ruby as a result of Rita beat him up but she stopped Roddy agreed with her to help him get back home.

Roddy escapes Rita's home and he gets into her boat and so he can get back. On the way, he called Sid on the phone telling him he is coming back but the engine stopped moving but inside he is fixing the engine when Rita angrily yells at him for abandoned her at the house she puts him on a rubber duck then let's him back on his boat after hearing a song. After getting rats out of the way. The toad sends his cousin Le Frog to pursue them

Then they were heading for the Rapid park as they were confronted by Le Frog and his henchfrogs as the toad (who is on the phone on a mime) explains his plan to them. But, Roddy saw a fly and lets Le Frog’s hench frogs to get it.

But then, the Jammy Dodger has went through the rapids and Roddy pushes a button on the boat to lift its arm up so they could hang on but le frog kicks the fingers off a pipe then Roddy and Rita had to escape the boat (with a plastic bag) then they floated up to Kensington. As they were floating up, Rita watches sadly as her boat goes down in the waste and bids good bye to it and the Jammy Dodger did the same thing as it went destroyed in the water.


  • The source of this boat's name is the "Jammie Dodger®", a popular kids' biscuit which is also quite popular amongst adults. They are a sandwich of two shortcake biscuits, filled with (usually raspberry) jam, and with a circular or heart-shaped "window" in the top biscuit.
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