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Jethro is a character in The Prince of Egypt. His voice actor is Danny Glover while his singing was produced by Brian Stokes Mitchell.


Jethro is a naturally kind, jovial, good-natured man, who is faithful and optimistic. By following God, his simple life has been joyful and fulfilling. He is a man with a firm belief in a master plan and God. He believes that God knows far more than he, and trusts that a person's worth can only be determined by God.

Role in Film

Jethro is Tzipporah and her sisters's father. He is also the High Priest of Midian.

When Jethro is told of Moses's bravery at the well, he bursts into Moses's tent to thank him.

At the banquet to celebrate Moses's arrival, Jethro gives thanks to God for the food, his family, and Moses. Moses insists that he did nothing in his life that was worth honoring, but Jethro disagrees, telling him that rescuing Tzipporah and his three younger daughters were noble acts, very worthy of honor. He proceeds to tell him that a man will never be able to understand his own value by seeing life through his own eyes. Only God knows man's purpose in the grand design. Jethro welcomes Moses into the folds of his tribe and makes him a shepherd. As the years go by, Moses remains in Midian and falls in love with Tzipporah. Jethro happily consents to the match and marries them.

When Moses is chosen by God, Jethro believes him. He is last seen waving goodbye to Moses, giving him a camel and allowing him to take Tzipporah with him.



  • In the Bible, after the Exodus, Jethro brought Moses' wife Zipporah, and their sons to him and gave his Godly council about the judges.