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Tzipporah's sisters are a characters in The Prince of Egypt. Along with them three are and other three olders who seen in the celebration nearby their father Jethro. Their names are Ephorah (older), Ajolidoforah (middle), and Jethrodiadah (youngest). Ephorah is the tall sister who has fanlike hair and wears a cerise and teal sleeveless dress with gold lemon-slice-shaped earrings with a blue necklace and gold bangles. Ajolidoforah is the middle-in-length sister who has curly bangs and wears a magenta dress with gold jewelry and a yellow veil on her head. And Jethrodiadah is the shortest sister who wears a pink robe with a teal shawl covering her face.

Role in the Film

These girls are first heard when Moses witness them being bullied, so he saves them by distracting the water brigands with their camels. Then, as he falls in the well, the girls try to save him by pulling the rope up and Tzipporah helps them. After he gets cleaned and dressed, the younger girls have him sit with them. And as the music plays, the youngest sister urges him to dance with her.


  • In the Bible, Tzipporah was actually the oldest of seven daughters (meaning that she had six younger sisters) instead of just four daughters.