Jimbo is a supporting character in The Boss Baby.


Jimbo's overall appearance is large and muscular. Compared to the other babies, Jimbo is much larger in both height and weight. He has olive green eyes paired with light orange hair. His diaper is often seen with a pin.


Jimbo is a strong and important role in the boss baby. Without him it would be a unseasoned, bland film. Jimbo adds a hint of humor while also showing a sense of love and compassion. His overall personality is loyal and obedient. Without these the Boss Baby and Timothy would have been snatched multiple times. But going deeper into his complex personality, Jimbo is also caring and compassionate. He's there not just because it's his job, he's there because he cares. I feel Jimbo adds love to the Boss Baby, and without him it would be cold and a un-seasoned film.


Jimbo is seen in many of the scenes in the movie The Boss Baby. First, he is seen in the meeting scene. Jimbo makes interference so Timothy doesn't  have proof that they, the babies, are bosses. He also knocks down a lamp, instead of turning off the lights, like the boss baby asked him to do. This shows his lack intelligence and his longing to be a helpful and important part of the team. He is often seen as a humorous character, being very emotional and caring although his size and strength. He helps Tim and Boss Baby escape from the babysitter in later scenes, feeding his need to be a helpful and needed part of the team. In the end, Jimbo gets recognition for his good deeds with a cookie, and a hug from the Boss Baby himself.


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