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Jin is one of the tritagonists in the DreamWorks film, Abominable. He is a popular boy, the cousin of Peng and a friend of Yi.



Jin is a popular teenage boy who is more interested in his appearance such as his hair and clothes, being on his cell phone, and dating girls. As a result, Jin is self-absorbed and egocentric which restrains his childhood friendship with Yi. When forced to come with Yi and Peng to help Everest get home, Jin is shown to be cynical and hesitant during the trip and with Everest's magical abilities. However, during the course of the journey, Jin sheds his ego and vanity by facing and overcoming obstacles such as facing his fear of the unknown, getting his clothes ruined, and trading his cell phone away so he can reach his friends.

Despite his selfishness at times Jin does have a good heart overall as he was concerned for the safety of Yi and Peng at the beginning and during their adventure. He also hated lying to his mother when he told her he and his friends were in Beijing while they were really trying to get Everest home. Jin is also shown to care about Yi after her father's death despite their friendship being strained a result of Yi's father's death and Jin's popularity. However, the two manage to reconcile during their journey together and after see Yi magically blooming flowers by playing her violin, Jin became determined to help Yi and Everest reach the Himalayas. This shows that Jin has changed for the better during the adventure and willingly helps his friends, especially Yi, in saving Everest and returning him home.


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  • Jin is voiced by Tenzing Norgay Trainor.
  • Jin calls the shoes he wears his "babies."
  • Jin and Yi are hinted to be romantically interested in each other.
  • Jin is a 16 year old teenager.
  • Jin has great driving skills.


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