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I am Branch's brother.
―John Dory.

John Dory is one of the tritagonists in the DreamWorks film, Trolls Band Together. He is the leader of BroZone, and the older brother of Spruce, Clay, Floyd and Branch. He is voiced by Eric André.


Official Description[]

What’s up fam! John Dory here (or you can call me JD.) Doing me is what I do best. I love rocking out on stage and getting out to the woods for a little “me” time.[1]
John Dory was the selfappointed leader of the group back in the brothers’ boyband days. Since the family tree split, he has been off the grid, living life on the road in his armadillo van, Rhonda. In a lot of ways, John Dory is similar to Branch at the beginning of the first movie, he’s a survivalist who has been living in isolation, wary of emotional connection. He’s an expert on living off the land, but isn’t exactly great with reading social cues. [2]


Being the oldest of five brothers, John Dory feels that it's his responsability to take care of his younger brothers and guide them, being why he became "The Leader" of the group. His role as "The Leader" caused him to be the one to lead the boy band to success, being responsible for creating most of the songs and choreographies. However, that also led him to develop somewhat of a big ego, while also caused him to boss his brothers around and/or push them too far, something that sterns from his obssessive perfectionism. That fact has led him to have major arguments with them, especially with Spruce and Clay, with one of those arguments being what caused the separation of the five brothers.

After separating from his brothers, John Dory isolated himself, hoping to finally be freed of the immense responsability of being the oldest brother. Despite it's not confirmed, it's possible that the thought that Branch had died may have contributed to his total isolation. However, even if he tried to free himself from his responsabilities as the oldest brother, he simply couldn't ignore when one of his younger brothers is in danger, as he didn't hesitate to try to save Floyd once learned he was in danger.

According to his official description, John Dory is very much like Branch was before the events of the first movie. Both brothers went to live solitary lives and disconnect themselves from any emotional connection, while learning how to survive, with John Dory learning how to live off the land and on the road, while Branch went on to seclude himself in his bunker while gathering provisions. However, because Branch had Poppy in his life, he learned how to reconnect with other trolls, while John Dory simply forgot all about social cues. An example of that is how he interrupted Gristle and Bridget's wedding just to encounter Branch and convince him to join him to save Floyd. Another example is how oblivious he was to his brothers' feelings as he continued to push them too far like he used to, while also disregarding Branch's hope for the five brothers to be together once again.

However, John Dory's friendship with Poppy has him opening up with others again and brought out parts himself he either didn't have or has forgotten. Also, realizing how much Branch cared and that he waited for him alongside their brothers for a long time, John Dory realize the mistakes he has made and decided to be a better older sibling to his younger ones.

Physical Appearance[]


John Dory is a male with slighter blue skin. He has forest green hair with black eyebrows, his eyes are cyan and black, and a purple indigo nose. He wears this shirt in his torso, a brown and white plush collared vest with brown polka dots on his collars, green ripped shorts, and he is barefoot. His fingerless glove is brown, and a pair of goggles with magenta lenses and a lime green frame.


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  • Despite being the older of his brothers, John Dory's voice actor, Eric André, is actually two years younger than Justin Timberlake (Branch) and one year younger than Daveed Diggs (Spruce).
  • Even if it's unknown about the other brothers, John Dory was the only one to ever return home after leaving. However, his return to the Troll Tree happened after the big escape organized by King Peppi, so he found the place abandoned, what led him to believe that Branch had died up until the events of the second movie. It's possible that could have led him to further isolate himself even more.
  • John Dory is described as being what Branch could have become if he hadn't met Poppy. This is showed how John Dory, pretty much like Branch, went off the grid for years without any social interaction and learning how to survive. However, unlike Branch who had Poppy in his live to balance his anti-social side, John Dory forgot about social cues.


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