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“Junktools (episode)”
Season 5, Episode 4
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Dinotrux Episodes
"The Return"
"Dreadtrux, Part 1"

"Junktools" is the forty-ninth episode of Dinotrux.


While visiting the Bitbug Oasis in the Endless Desert, Ty and his friends are attacked by Desert Scraptors, but manage to drive them off. A dust devil forces them to take shelter in the desert for the night rather than returning to the Crater, and despite warnings Dozer falls asleep while keeping watch. The Trux awake in the morning to find several of their parts-including Ty's wrecking ball, Dozer's blade, Skya's hook, and Ton-Ton's tail-missing. They soon discover one of the culprits, a Junktool whom them dub Tik-Tik based on the sound he makes.

Pointed in the right direction by a cornered Tik-Tik, the group finds a Junktool caravan, with their parts "recycled" for various functions. Unfortunately, the wagons are attacked by more Scraptors, who take the parts of the Trux and Tik-Tik before running off into the desert. By forming an alliance with the Junktools, the Trux are able to track down the Scraptors and rescue their parts and Tik-Tik. In gratitude, the Junktools return the parts, though Tik-Tik teases Dozer by running off with his blade yet again.