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Karl is a self-proclaimed genius and is an antagonist in the All Hail King Julien Netflix series.


Part of Karl's history mentioned that he has a brother named Bruce who was better at things than him.

After he did some attempts on King Julien's life where Mort took a blow to every attempt, Karl makes himself known to King Julien and invites him to his lair with the directs on the brochure.

After Clover and Maurice are captured, King Julien makes his way to Karl's lair at a crashed zeppelin where Karl mentions his plans to raise the zeppelin and take over the world with King Julien as his partner. While Karl was ranting about his plans, King Julien manages to free Clover and Maurice.

When King Julien, Clover, and Maurice exit the zeppelin, they are confronted by Karl who prepares to fire a laser at him until the balloon carrying the rocks with every wishes that the lemurs wrote on them for the Sky God member Frank falls from the sky and lands on Karl. Seeing his "Surprise Me" wish roll against him, King Julien took it as a sign that Frank had helped him defeat Karl.


Karl is an eloquent yet violent enemy of King Julien's. He obsesses over Julien to the point of leaving deadly traps and appearing in his bedroom late at night, multiple times, without alerting anyone. Despite his flamboyant and playful nature, Karl seems well trained in the art of combat, enough so to defeat Clover in a matter of seconds. He seems to have selective hearing, as he ignores a lot of what others say in favor of furthering the conversation. Karl's speech is often ominous, as he ends many of his sentences with "not yet, at least" or "for now". Although Karl exudes an air of confidence, he eventually reveals to Julien that no one has ever taken him seriously, and that his older brother was always favored over him.