Katie Current is a character in Shark Tale. She is a female sand trout who is based off her voice actress Katie Couric.

Katie is seen hounding Oscar about being a sharkslayer. Her partners are Janice and a male fish cameraman.


In Shark Tale

Katie Current is first shown at the beginning of the film, introducing herself and giving a news report, confirming that the Great White Sharks are gone, allowing the fish to run their daily routines in the city. She also gives a news report on a mother with 800 fish on "how she does it all", but has Janice report on traffic first, in which the latter tells Katie on an overturned mackerel on the Interreef, being calmed down by police dolphins. Katie is then shown reporting fear of sharks at an all-time high according to a scallop pole, wondering if the reef is under siege and who can stop the "shark menace", which then cuts out to Oscar's introduction.

She is later shown in the latter half reporting of a shark "attacking" the city, which turns out to be Lenny and even sees Oscar for the first time, and witnesses both of them stage a fake fight so the latter can earn the respect of the city. After Oscar "defeats" Lenny by throwing him into the city's jumbotron, she later witnesses him kissing Lola before giving out a news report on "the Sharkslayer making out".

When Oscar traps Lino in the whale wash machines, Katie gives a report on him trapping both Lino and accidentally Lenny, only to find out the former revealing that he lied to gain fame. After Oscar makes peace with the sharks, Katie tells him one last time on what he wants to do next.


Katie is a tan fish that resembles her voice actress Katie Couric.


  • Katie is the first female to make an appearance in Shark Tale, the second being Angie and Lola being the third.
  • She is voiced by Tracy Grimshaw in the Australian release and Fiona Phillips in the UK release.


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