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Kenneth or simply known as Ken is the central antagonist of Bee Movie. He is Vanessa's ex-boyfriend.

Ken is allergic to bees, which is why he hates them (especially Barry); as well, he doesn't like honey.


In Bee Movie

Ken is first seen playing tennis with Vanessa, both not noticing Barry on the ball after being stuck on it while he was with the pollen jocks. He is later seen again when he and his friend Andy and his girlfriend were talking. Just as Ken saw Barry on Andy's girlfriend's guacamole, he got out his winter boots and prepared to kill him, but Vanessa comes in and stops him. She rips up his brochure so she can set Barry free.

Later, it is shown that Vanessa and he have yogurt night on every part of the week and when Barry shows up, he's confused about Barry and Vanessa's team up to sue the humans for stealing the honey. She takes him out so she and Barry can be alone, which raises Ken's fuse. Ken then becomes very jealous of Barry and prepares to kill him in Vanessa's bathroom with an Italian Vogue and then by trying to incinerate Barry with a lighter which also leads to no success, then Ken shot Barry down the toilet with a shower head, then he tried flushing him down the toilet, to no success.Then he tried to kill Barry with a toilet brush until Vanessa realizes this and drags Ken out of the bathroom where they argue and Vanessa, having enough of Ken's attitude, breaks up with him, saying that Barry is the nicest bee she met in a long time, and Ken storms off in anger and vows to never eat honey ever again.

Ken is last seen at the end, angry that he thinks Vanessa and Barry, who just started a legal advice/honey/flower shop, are going out. Ken angrily asks "When will this nightmare end?", but Andy just drags him away telling him to let it go.


Ken's personality appears to be mean, insensitive, rude, self-centered, selfish, impolite, cold-hearted and bad tempered. Ken was also very jealous of Barry thinking that he has a relationship with Vanessa, so he thinks he can kill Barry and get Vanessa back, which makes him mean spirited and chivalrous.


Ken bears a slight resemblance to his voice actor Patrick Warburton.


  • Ken is often confused to be the main antagonist.
  • Ken says that he prefers sugar free artificial sweetners made by man, though earlier, he was eating frozen yogurt, a main ingredient of which is cow's milk.
  • His voice actor Patrick Warburton previously worked with Jerry Seinfeld (the voice of Barry) on Seinfeld as Elaine's on-off boyfriend Puddy.