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Presenting your Royal Highness, the illustrious King Julien XIII, self proclaimed Lord of the Lemurs, etc., etc., hurray everybody!
Maurice half-heartedly introducing Julien.[src]

King Julien XIII is a major character in the Madagascar and Penguins of Madagascar franchises, and the protagonist in the DreamWorksNetflix's series, All Hail King Julien.


Prince Julien lived under the wing of his Uncle King Julien. When a prophecy said that Julien was to be eaten, Uncle King Julien abandoned his posistion as ruler to save his life and made Julien king, so he could get eaten. However, the prophecy was wrong and Julien became king of Madagascar.

Along the way, he met his two best friends, Mort and Maurice and the two have stayed by his side ever since. Since becoming king, Julien has devoted his life to adding fun to the lemur world and protecting them from the fossa.


Despite his desire for everyone to listen and do what he wants, King Julien is mean to Mort, who treats him like a god. Julien hates having anyone touch his feet (such as passing a royal decree that anyone, who touches his feet would be banished from his kingdom). He loves to dance and likes to play the music loud. He also likes to annoy Skipper and the other animals. He is mostly selfish, hyper, romantic, lazy, and will try to show his ideas instead of others. He also likes to dance and have tons of fun with the lemurs and the other creatures of the jungle. However, in the third film, he becomes altruistic and is not selfish anymore but is still egocentric.

Physical Appearance[]

King Julien is a ring-tailed lemur who has light gray and white fur, big yellow eyes, tiny whiskers, a black nose, thin black eyebrows, fox-like ears, a long black-and-white striped raccoon-like tail and wears a crown. He is taller then other Lemurs. he is about 0.9 meters tall (3 feet).



The day that Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman came to Madagascar, King Julien and his subjects were enjoying one of their parties when it was invaded by the fossas. When the fossas were scared off by Alex, Julien and his people were hiding in the trees and saw this scene, thinking that Alex and his friends were giants from some faraway land, with Julien coming forward and proudly presenting himself as the King of the lemurs.

When asked where the people were, King Julien pointed to a skeleton of a man caught in a parachute hanging from a tree. Later that night, Julien had a meeting with the lemurs and the other creatures of the jungle in the plane. He insisted that if they could make friends with Alex and his friends, the fossas would be scared away for good. King Julien's second-in-command Maurice was skeptical about this plan, but Julien insisted that his ideas were the best since he's the King.

When Alex and his friends were ready to go back to New York, King Julien gifted them his crown; but he already made himself a bigger, better crown.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa[]

Julien, Maurice, and Mort accompany Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman to New York on the plane, built by the Penguins. He's in the 1st class, ordering constant refreshments, and amusing himself with plane crash videos. As the plane crashes down to Africa after running out of fuel and momentum, Julien takes utter pleasure in the feeling of weightlessness, caused by the high speed descent. By being in 1st class, King Julien escapes the crash with a parachute.

Upon arriving in Africa, King Julien at first believes that they're back in New York, and he makes himself a new crown. Later, when the reserve watering hole dries up, Julien suggests that they make a sacrifice to "his good friends, the Water Gods" at the volcano to replenish the water. At first, Julien suggests Melman as the sacrifice (who believed that he was going to die soon anyway). But after Melman realized that he was actually going to live after all and that Gloria returned his feelings, he gave up on being a sacrifice, leaving King Julien disappointed at his plan's failure. But Mort arrives soon after, followed by a persistent shark that had been trying to eat him. The shark then falls into the volcano, and as King Julien comes out of the volcano, he sees the water coming back to the reserve (because of a dam, constructed by Nana being destroyed by Alex and Zuba), and he's convinced of his plan's success in the end.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted[]

After spending a year in Africa, King Julien, Mort, and Maurice go with the crew to Europe to get the penguins and the chimps. While the Zoosters get the chimps and the penguins, he is ready to flip the switch for the main power when Maurice gives the signal and Mort holding the clock. He presses it, shutting the power down. When they attract unwanted attention from the public, Chantel DuBois pursues them while Gloria, Melman, Marty, Alex, the penguins, the chimps, and the lemurs go on a high-speed chase in a Luxury Assult Recreational Vehicle (L.A.R.V.). King Julien pops open the door and thinks he's famous and calls them "Paparazzi", gleefully telling them not to take his picture. He is hit with a tranquilizer dart.

The vehicle falls with King Julien while the rest are scared. The exception is Maurice, who looks surprisingly hopeful. However, he gets saved by the plane lifting the vehicle up (to Maurice's disappointment). When DuBois catches up to them, Julien has Mort distract DuBois while Alex sends her into a pool on top of a building. About a couple hours later, the plane crashes again, but this time, into some railroad tracks. Julien is dizzy from the crash, so Mort and Maurice carry him while he regains consciousness. The gang then finds a circus train. When they won't let them on, they lie that they are circus animals and they let them on the train. Skipper then purchases the circus as a means of getting home.

The next day, Julien meets a circus bear named, "Sonya" and falls in love with her. They go on a romantic tour around Rome, and they go to Vatican City where Julien stands in line to kiss the Pope's ring. When he kisses the ring, he secretly puts it in his mouth and places it on Sonya's finger. When her tricycle is broken on the steps of the Vatican, he buys her a motorcycle instead of the pope's ring because he can't bear to see her unhappy. They go on a fun joyride and decide to do donuts at the Pantheon. When they get back to the circus, they realize that the show flopped. While running from the audience, Julien tells the chimps to throw the money to them, but they accidentally toss it to the audience.

After the show is reinvented, Julien and Sonya perform as an acrobatic duo on Sonya's motorbike in the circus. When the circus arrives in New York and the animals are uncovered, he goes with the Zoosters after a heated breakup with Sonya. The Zoosters and Julien arrive at the zoo, but they realize it's not what they remembered after all. Seeing that they would rather be free in the real world then trapped in a zoo, they decide to go back to the circus. But before they can go back, they are tranquilized by DuBois and her men. Luckily, Julien escapes and gets back to the circus animals, who realize the Zoosters are in danger. That night, they all arrive at the zoo and manage to save Alex and the gang. Julien and Sonya use their motorcycle act to knock out DuBois into a reptile exhibit. In the end, Julien decides to give up being a king to be with Sonya.

Penguins of Madagascar[]

King Julien appears in the mid-credits scene of the series's movie where he assist the penguins when they successfully try to change Private back to his normal form using Mort as a cute alimentation. Mort initially seem to not have any consequences from the ray until he swallows King Julien alive.

It's currently unknown what happened to Julien after this but he probably got spat out by Mort once he came back to its normal self.

Other Appearances[]

Merry Madagascar[]

Julien and his subjects are celebrating a holiday called "Julianuary" and are throwing rocks at a strange man in the sky. When Alex makes a direct shot, the man is revealed to be Santa Claus and Julien takes him in as his guest to celebrate Julianuary. While Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria and the penguins deliver the gifts for Santa, Julien sees Santa giving toys to the other lemurs, which Julien takes away out of pure stinginess. However, Santa shows Julien how wonderful generosity is and Julien starts giving away presents to his friends.

Madly Madagascar[]

Julien finds a potion and thinks he makes anyone be irresistible, King Julien cheats animals with a trick in which Maurice was dressed as a woman and was in love with Mort with potion. Later, the potion wears off and he asks for penguins redo it after Julien cheats Alex creating a lotion that unintentionally humiliates Alex, in the end, he created another potion that just by eliminating his fur.

The Penguins of Madagascar[]

In the episode, "Crown Fools", King Julien panics when he loses his crown and obsessively longs for it, until it is revealed that he had a spare crown all along, prompting Marlene (who was trying to make Julien new crowns all day) to chase King Julien with a crowbar.

When the sewer rats went to the zoo and tricked the Penguins out of their home, King Julien decided to play for the Penguins in a game of Hockey to try and win their home back. They were losing until one of the rats touched Julien's feet, after which he lost it and beat all of them on his own.

In the episode, "Haunted Habitat", King Julien mentioned that he had a dream that he was "the last mammal on Earth." Mort was just happy to be in the dream (despite that he was "roadkill" in it).

In "Misfortune Cookie", Rico gets a fortune cookie, that reads, "You will soon meet a fowl end." The Penguins deny that fortune cookies have any power (despite getting 3 accurate fortunes), and dismiss it as superstition. King Julien exclaims that "these stitions are super," and attempts to get the Penguins to believe in the supernatural. King Julien actively plots to make a "fowl end" fortune come true—by his own doing.

A recurring gag in The Penguins of Madagascar series is King Julien's behavior and believing in supernatural beings and superstitions, which often annoy the other animals.

It is also shown that King Julien gains a super-lemur level of strength if he gets mad. Visible when in "Miracle On Ice," King Julien spanked and humiliated the Rat King, after one of his henchmen touched Julien's feet; in "Happy King Julien Day," Maurice claims that King Julien violently used a cane to spank everyone who forgot his self-proclaimed holiday.

In "Dr. Blowhole's Revenge", it's revealed that King Julien is a double agent for the Penguins and Blowhole.


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