No Troll left behind!
―King Peppy[src]

King Peppy is a king troll who is Poppy's father from Trolls. He is voiced by Jeffrey Tambor.



King Peppy, as the brave leader of the Trolls, led his people on a torch-lit escape to freedom from Bergen Town. His heroism and valor were the stuff of Troll legend. Quick with inspirational words of wisdom, King Peppy ushered in a new era of happiness and security in Troll Village. Now it’s 20 years later, and King Peppy has become a grandfatherly elder statesman to the Trolls. A tad dottier and forgetful than he was as a young man, King Peppy brings some unintentional humor to the Trolls, but is still beloved by everyone in Troll Village, and his legacy lives on in his daughter Poppy.


King Peppy is a orange troll with red troll hair that has grey streaks in it, he also has a red moustache and eyebrows that have grey streaks too. He wears green trousers and a green and blue waistcoat.


  • In the beginning of the film when the Chef Bergen tries to catch them he loses most of his clothes including his underpants which results in him escaping nude.


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