Ralph Fiennes | Rameses, The morning and the evening star |personality = playful and compassionate, but later serious, rude, arrogant, and ruthless |appearance = slender, bald, dark skin, brown eyes |occupation = Pharoah of Egypt |alliance=good later bad |goal = To create a legacy surpassing his father's (succeeded) To Kill All Of The Hebrews And Moses (failed) home:Egypt Cairo family = Pharaoh Seti I (father), Queen Tuya (mother), Moses (former foster brother), Rameses' son(son), his unknown wife ,Hotep And Huy

           minions = his servants, the slaves (formerly)

Enemies, Moses, Miriam Aaron Tzipporah.The Hebrews . |likes = power, chariot racing, having big responsibilities | dislikes = Hebrews, being threatened, losing his son, God overpowering him,Moses, Personality Rameses is Moses' brother who gets him trouble by his father who wants him to be responsible. When Seti gave Rameses a crown, he became the second Pharoh of Egypt. Years passed as Rameses saw that Moses has returned, Rameses realizes that Moses wants him to let his people go. He will not let him do it. Rameses has his permission to let Moses's people go. But, Rameses changed his mind. He dislikes Moses's god.

Role in Film Rameses is first seen as a toddler next to his mother Queen Tuya when she finds a basket with a baby, whom she named Moses.

Later, shown as a 22 year older Rameses and Moses are racing in chariots.



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