Tutankhamon "King Tut" is the secondary antagonist of the Mr. Peabody & Sherman movie.




Mr. Peabody & Sherman

He planned to marry Penny Peterson, However, he didn't allow her to escape and had his guards take her to his palace with him while he had Mr. Peabody and Sherman thrown into the pyramids. Later at the wedding, Mr. Peabody and Sherman came and impersonated Anubis to save Penny, but it went awry and they were exposed. Penny ran away with them and Tut shouted "run away bride." Later, he assisted Mr. Peabody, Sherman and Penny against Mrs. Grunion by saying he's a dog.


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  • He is the fourth Pharaoh to be seen in a Dreamworks Movie. If you went by timeline he would be the first of these Pharaohs, followed with Ay, Seti I, and finally Rameses II. However Ay was never seen as a Pharaoh, but in real life he did succeed Tut as Pharaoh.
  • In real life Tutankamun was deformed and had a clubbed foot.
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