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Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts is an American all-ages animated television series created by Radford Sechrist, adapted from his 2015 webcomic Kipo. The series is produced by DreamWorks Animation and animated by Studio Mir of South Korea. The series was released on Netflix on January 14, 2020.


The premise of the series is that Kipo Oak, a thirteen-year-old girl, is serching for her father after being forced to flee from her underground city. To do so, she travels through an overgrown post-apocalyptic urban wasteland ruled by sentient mutant animals ("mutes"), together with her new friends Wolf, Mandu, Benson and Dave. Sechrist compared the series to The Wizard of Oz, "but instead of ruby slippers (Kipo) has Converse on".


  • Karen Fukuhara as Kipo Oak
  • Sydney Mikayla as Wolf
  • Coy Stewart as Benson
  • Deon Cole as Dave
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Mandu
  • Sterling K. Brown as Lio Oak
  • Jee Young Han as Song Oak
  • Dan Stevens as Scarlemagne
  • Lea Delaria as Molly Yarnchopper
  • Joan Jett as Camille
  • John Hodgman and GZA as Billions and Billions
  • Ian Harding as Harris


The series was announced at the Anncey International Animated Film Festival in June 2019. It is based on Sechrist's 2015 webcomic Kipo. The series has five writers in addition to showrunner Radford Sechrist and executive producer Bill Wolkoff. They worked in two teams, each comprising a diretor and three board artists. The animation is made by Studio Mir in South Korea using traditional animation methods. About sixty people worked on the series worked on the series at DreamWorks, and about fifty-five at Studio Mir.