Krolia (Female Galran (Season 5))

Krolia is a spy of the Blade of Marmora and Keith's mother in season five of Voltron: Legendary Defender.


When Warlord Ranveig was left his own base, Krolia gained control of the base. When Kolivan sent Keith that base, his mission was penetrate there, may Krolia out and destroy the super weapon that Warlord Ranveig developed. But two Galra Commanders Ladnok and Trugg knew about the super weapon, and they were fighting the area. When Trugg's fleet landed, Trugg urged her to hand over the super weapon. Krolia decided to release Trugg and her troops to it. And then Krolia and Keith got away. Krolia told that Keith's blade was her, before Krolia gave it to Keith's father. Later when Honerva was defeated she and Kolivan were elected representatives of the Galactic Coalition.


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