Lahn as Lieutenant.png

Lieutenant (later Warlord) Lahn is Commander Bogh's lieutenant from Voltron: Legendary Defender.


When Lotor became a new emperor of the Galra Empire, Lahn doubted his loyalty to him. And when Sendak attacked the Omega Shield Station, Voltron came to help the Galran working there. He even doubted working with Paladins. But Hunk made him work with Voltron and Bogh. And then they swear loyalty to Voltron. But Sendak then attacked again. And when Paladins of Voltron disappeared, they stayed alive for new attacks. And then he became a warlord. When Voltron Coalition attacked his base, they asked him to join the covenant to spread stability to the universe. He swore loyalty to Voltron Coalition after the super weapon created by Warlord Ranveig was destroyed. And he urged his soldiers to do the same.


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