Season 2, Episode 5
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Dinotrux Episodes
"Battering Ram"

"Lair" is the fifteenth episode of Dinotrux.


Frustrated with the small size of his latest cave, D-Structs orders Skrap-It to find him a new one, while Ty and his Trux decide that they need to create a paint station in The Garage for the Tortools. Skrap-It finds a suitable cave, but D-Structs demands that he improve it and recruit additional Scraptools, including Lloyd, Smash-It and Break-It. The Scraptools then steal a number of copper panels collected by Ty and his friends for their project, and Ty and the others set out to recover them. They succeed in recovering them, only for D-Structs to come after them and destroy the panels; he then has his Scraptools collect all the scrap from Ty and friends' usual supply.

With the help of the stolen scrap and the Scraptools, D-Structs successfully converts his new cave into the Fortress of Fear, which Ty and the others soon discover. Revvit, who has been arguing against a direct confrontation, attempts to sneak in to recover enough panels for each of the Tortools, only to be caught by the Scraptools. Fearing that the Reptool has been captured, Ty hits upon a plan to rescue him by having the Tortools paint him in stealth black, which paint job he uses to sneak his way in to D-Structs' lair unseen. He is then able to escape after striking at D-Structs from the shadows, while Skrap-It takes advantage of Ty's success to get D-Structs to drive out the new Scraptools after they get on his nerves. Ty and his friends then departed, though not without the parting shot of having the Tortools paint the facade of D-Structs' cave to make it far less intimidating.





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