Lance is a protagonist from the Netflix TV series Voltron: Legendary Defender serving as the Blue Paladin who pilots the Blue Lion of Voltron. He has a tendency to flirt whenever he meets a beautiful girl. In season 3, later on, he becomes the Paladin of the Red Lion of Voltron.


Early Life

Lance was born on Earth, at some point in his life Lance joined Galaxy Garrison for unknown reasons, and would end up part of the same class as-and later teammates with Hunk and Keith who he has regarded as his rival, even he was a cargo pilot class and Keith was designated to fighter pilot class, but only that he idolized Shiro, the future Black Paladin as his hero. Due to Keith's sudden discipline issues Lance was promoted to fighter class and Hunk, a friend, future Voltron Yellow Paladin and fellow cadet, became the team's engineer and Pidge, a cadet they did not recognize, but who would serve as their communications specialist and the soon to be Green Paladin.

Becoming a Paladin

After a failed simulation, Lance and Hunk go out for an unauthorized excursion only for them to discover Pidge on the Galaxy Garrison roof monitoring transmissions with custom made equipment. Pidge's revelations about alien transmissions regarding the mysterious would be followed by the crash of an alien ship that proved to be carrying Shiro, a Galaxy Garrison pilot who had gone missing a year previously on a mission to Kerberos. The three teammates would insist on going to Shiro's aid after he was taken into Galaxy Garrison custody, and they wound up being joined by Lance's "rival" Keith, After hearing Shiro and Keith's information about the threat of the Galra Empire and mysteries of the surrounding region, The group heads into the desert to the location and finds the Blue Lion. Lance blasts the Lion and left Earth and traveled to the planet Arus, where they found the Castle of Lions and met Princess Allura and Coran of the destroyed planet Altea. Allura soon decided that they were to become the new Paladins of Voltron, and together with Hunk, they go get the Yellow Lion on a large planetoid, owned by the Galra Empire.

Trouble on Arus

The Balmera and the Castle

Taking the Fight to the Galra

Finding Allies

Dealing with Lotor

Building The Coalition



  • Skilled Marksman: Lance is the best sharpshooter and marksman of the Voltron Paladins, possessing great skill with his signature rifle. He's been able to score critical shots with a limited amount of time to aim, and has shown great precision with his marksmanship.
  • Bond with the Blue Lion: Lance and the Blue Lion have a very strong bond with each other. This allows the Blue Lion to telepathically suggest courses of action to Lance while in combat.


  • Paladin Armor: The standard armor worn by Paladins of Voltron. The armor protects Lance from harm, allows communication with the other Paladins, and is equipped with a jetpack for sustained flight, along with an energy shield to block attacks. The helmet produces oxygen when worn, allowing Lance to function normally underwater or in a vacuum, and the bracers can fire small lasers or project holograms of Lance.
  • Bayard: The Bayards are the Paladins' main weapons when on foot. Each one takes the form most well-suited for its Paladin. Lance's takes the form of a rifle, which fires energy blasts strong enough to blow through a Galra sentry in one shot. The rifle also has options for rapid-fire blasts, or stronger, single shots


  • In the original Voltron series, Lance was the pilot of the Red Lion, instead of the Blue Lion
  • Jeremy Shada has stated that Lance is in his late teens, around 16 years old[1]
  • Lance has been confirmed to be Cuban[2]


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