Dr. Layton T. "Monty" Montgomery is the main antagonist of Bee Movie. He is Barry's arch-nemesis.


In Bee Movie

A long time ago, Layton's grandmother was a simple woman born on a farm and believed man's divine to the benefits that God had provided them. If he would've live in a topsy turvy, he would ahve have negotiated with the Silkworms to make him elastic in his britches. The next part where he asked Barry about his relationship to Vanessa, Adam had stung him on the butt. Layton was seen in a hospital suit and used smoke to demonstrate on the bees.

At the end, Layton told Barry he will regret this and swears vengeance. It is not told what happened to him after that, but he probably got sued.


Layton is a grumpy and serious lawyer. After he got painfully got stung by Adam, he pointed surly at Barry and told him he was gonna regret this.


Layton is a plump, middle-aged man who has dark gray, balding hair. He wears a tuxedo with a red, yellow polka-dotted bowtie.


  • Layton is constantly believed to be the secondary antagonist of Bee Movie.
  • Layton has a grandmother who was unnamed.
  • Layton is Similar to Congressman Chuck Long from Evan Almighty, which they are both greedy and played by John Goodman.


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