Le Frog the Frog is the Toad's slim, very tall, self-important French mercenary and cousin.

Le Frog's attitude is clever, sneaky, and conniving.

Le Frog and his gang of vicious The HenchfrogsHenchfrogs will kill for a price, but not before they have had a proper three-course lunch.

Le Frog approaches his uptight English relative with a mixture of insouciance and disdain.

Le Frog wears a black jacket (usually with a tan detective-like overcoat), long sewer belt, pants, and flippers.

Le Frog also has a moustache.

Le Frog thinks that his cousin's rodent hating obsession is very unhealthy.

Despite Le Frog and the Henchfrogs' vicious demeanor, they are more comic than deadly (being funny little rubbery fellows after all).

Le Frog's catch phrases are "Bonjour!", "Le fruitcake!", "My little chocolate quason!", and "My warty English cousin!".

Le Frog also appears to have a crush on Rita, as revealed later on in the movie.

He is voiced by Jean Reno. The Henchfrogs

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