The LEM-R ("Life E(xtracellular)M(atrix)-ulating-Robot") is a tail-less ring-tailed lemur-like robot who was designed to emulate the moves of a ring-tailed lemur. He appears in The Penguins of Madagascar episode "Lemur See, Lemur Do". He is sent to the zoo to study King Julien's every move. Julien makes fast friends with his little buddy. He even nicknames it Lemmy. He was built to be sent into space to explore Mars. He was later, accedentally blown up by the Penguins when they tried to teach him combat skills, but they rebuild him after seeing how upset Julien was. Once he reaches Mars, a Space Squid tentacle grabs and attacks him.

Lemmy appears in Alienated, unharmedly landing in the Penguin Habitat while he was falling from space on fire. When he lands in the Lemur Habitat, a Space Squid bursts through his chest and slides away with Julien's boombox. Back at the Penguin Habitat he begins using his self-repair system to fix himself. Later he remembers the moves he learned from Julien and the Penguins which allow him to defeat the Space Squid. He then carries the beaten up squid back to Mars.

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