Lenny is the main protagonist in Shark Tale. He is a friendly and outgoing vegatation great white shark. He isn't an aggressive meat-eating carnivore like his older brother or father, but a vegetarian. Lenny has a heart of gold and he quickly becomes close friends with Oscar. Together, he and Oscar faked Lenny's defeat at the hands of "the Sharkslayer" and after that, Lenny disguised himself as a dolphin. He later helped Oscar save Angie during which his father Don Lino grew to think that Lenny had turned against the sharks. Eventually, Lenny made up with his father after Oscar admitted that an anchor had killed Lenny's brother, Frankie.


Unlike most sharks, Lenny was friendly, compassionate, and a vegetarian. He deeply respected all life and refused to kill fish or anything else which exasperated his father and brother. Although his relationship with his family was strained, Lenny was devastated when Frankie was killed by an anchor. He loved his father but was afraid of disappointing him, so he ran away. However, Lenny returned in order to help Oscar save Angie which caused Don Lino to think he was working with the enemy. Eventually, Lenny and his father reconnected after Oscar revealed that Frankie's death had been an accident. Lenny quickly became close friends with Oscar and also took a liking to Angie. He has also shown to be able to come up with good ideas such as when he came up with the idea of faking a fight with Oscar to make it look like he met his demise.

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